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Sequoia on the History Channel

The Sequoia enjoys a rich history, and has experienced many celebrations enjoyed by the rich, famous, and powerful, photographers captured many of these celebrations.

By rights, it should be the most famous boat in the world. Her decks have been trod by seven presidents. She was the site of SALT talks between Nixon and Brezhnev. Lyndon Johnson pitched his Great Society programs to pivotal congressmen in her staterooms. And JFK celebrated his final birthday aboard herThe extensive collection of authentic presidential memorabilia and artifacts create the prefect environment for affairs of the heart or the state. The dining room can accommodate up to 22 guests for an elegant sit-down dinner or up to 49 guests dining buffet style.

Imagine sipping cocktails and dining canap├ęs in the very rooms where JFK slept and Nixon played "God Bless America" on the piano and Churchill and Roosevelt planned the D-Day invasion. The U.S.S. Sequoia Presidential Yacht is the perfect setting for high-end social events or business functions of a presidential nature!

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